Enfamil Formula Review

Enfamil is one of the world's most trusted names in baby forumulas and has been around since 1905. The Enfamil website has lots of informational tips to keep your baby healthy such as:

Gas as a result of lactose sensitivity
Gas can also be a sign that your baby is having a hard time digesting lactose, a carbohydrate found in most milk-based formula. If your baby shows signs of lactose sensitivity, your doctor may recommend Enfamil ProSobee® LIPIL®, a soy-based, milk-free formula, or Enfamil LactoFree® LIPIL, a lactose-based, lactose-free formula.

Colic symptoms and the “Rule of Three”
Colic is often determined by using the "Rule of Three." It usually starts when the baby is about three weeks old and lasts until he's about three months old. Episodes of crying and fussiness may go on for about three hours and happen three or more times a week for three weeks in a row.

Babies with colic cry at about the same time of day, often after their late afternoon or evening feedings. If your baby has colic, he may bring his knees up to his chest. His body may become stiff, his face may turn red, and he may be gassy.

Causes of colic
The exact causes of colic are unknown. But in some infants, colic is related to an allergy or sensitivity to milk protein. Because protein allergies have so many different symptoms, it's important to tell your doctor everything you can about your baby's condition. Based on that information, your doctor will recommend the best treatment for him.

Tips for handling colic
Follow your doctor's guidance on how to manage your baby's colic. These tips may also help.

  • Try not to let your baby get hungry.
  • Make sure the nipple opening on the bottle is large enough. Formula should flow at about one drop per second.
  • Rock your baby gently or walk with him.
  • Offer him a pacifier.
  • Darken your baby's room at naptime.
Formula for colicky babies
If your doctor believes that your baby's colic symptoms are related to an allergy or sensitivity to milk protein, he may recommend a hypoallergenic formula made from extensively hydrolyzed casein. Casein hydrolysate is a milk protein that has been "predigested" with enzymes. That process breaks the protein into tiny pieces. Once broken down, this protein usually isn't expected to trigger an allergic response in babies with milk allergies. Enfamil Nutramigen® LIPIL® is a hypoallergenic formula that your doctor may recommend for your baby.

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